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alam mo yang gretchen baretto nyo wla namang ka clas s class yang babaeng yan di nyo napapansin puro sya pa class ngeek mistraramos lang naman kahit anong kulorete at suutin nyang mamahaling gamit or damit di maantot naman ang kanyang reputasyo at pagkatao, The real rich people act desente, simple at di nyo napapansin ang tunay na myaman hindi nagshow off kasi pinanggalingan na nla ang pinakamahal at desenyong gamit kaya hindi na big deal sa kanila iyon smantalng itong greta na ito ewan ko napakashow off who cares if ur wearing signature clothings malay mo sa Nordtsrom rock or sa outlet lang sa america isabel marant sneaker sale binili yan quiet ka na lang greta kahit hindi ipagmalaki ang suot mo those people who knows what are real expensive clothings can figure out what ur wearing and mamahiya ka pa na we all know na adidas jeremy scott nabili mo lang yan sa outlet or consignment clothings hehehe or nakkapagyabang ka lang nyan kasi madami sa pinas ng hindi naedukar na expensive clothings u can afford it pagtaga abroad ka kasi may mga second hand store at outlet na mga store na air max women mga signature sabagay marami pa ding mangmagn na pinoy kaya namamangha ang karamihan but those who knows oh well its another way of showing off that something they bought in a consignment store
i saw the "the buzz" interview of Gretchen Barreto and with all the hype that they preempted, the interview did not deliver. She pretty much said she wasn't ready to discuss any issue at this moment. it was nothing but an underhanded attempt to promote her new cd. Using her life story to sell some music that is not even originally hers. she's trying to come out as the "victim" and truly sorry miss La jordans for sale Greta you are where you are because of your own doing. At one point you noted that what you had with Tony Boy C is more than a wedding but it's a marriage. Well then why are you still waiting for the wedding part to happen? It's a little hypocritical don't you think? And a slight correction, beautiful you maybe but don't get it twisted and consider yourself a goddess, far from it. i think you need some therapy and medication so you can realize reality from fantasy. the filipino people have not forgiven you, you just happened to be todays news.
Oh well I watched the Buzz yesterday for the simple reason that I would want to rejoice on Gretchen's down fall. From the time that she became the live-in partner of Joey Loyzaga, to her being a mistress (her words in her album) Gretchen had personified her 14 going steady character, that of being a social climber who will stop at nothing to get to the top and get what she wants at the expense of others. She really is something, a trend setter of sort albeit a negative one. Living in at age 14 (if my memory serves me right) to a tabloid filled some kinda suicide attempt to a high profile life as a mistress to internet queen with her john pictures then finally to an affair with someone while being a mistress isabel marant sneakers of another!!!!! This girl is really something!!! Well she aptly cheap mulberry bags called herself VAIN!!!! That is good to recognize oneself but to write that you are a goddess, WOW, that is something too. it is sheer lunacy!!!! I guess at the end of the day, jeremy scott wings she deserved what she got. ayaw pang umamin kasi kung hiwalay na sila ni Tony Boy. Climber and attention seeker that she is. she will milk the issue to the bone and hope to hell that she gets to appear in all of the talk shows and then promote her album and become a star again. What a life!!!! With or without her baubles, diamonds, pearl and manolo's. and we, including you and me. will be there to watch the next chapter of her life. so we can have something to talk about haha.
I too cheap mulberry handbags saw the interview. Poor Gretchen. Simply trying hard. If you get to read these comments, take it as good advise to look at yourself. Your bling-blings cannot cover up the mud you slap your face with. Yes, do charity like Sharon's daughter. Maybe that will wipe away the dirt. At the end of the day, each and every person will be alone, and alone with God. What do you tell Him? I am sure He has already forgiven you. Please give him something in return like humility perhaps. Oh and when adidas jeremy scott people start thinking you are a has been, a graceful exit would be good for you. Look at Marlene Detricht, she chose to be a recluse and she got more famous for it. Try it. It may work for you. Then maybe the people will miss you and wonder what you are up to. Good Luck, girl.
It is not gretchen's problem but her live in partner Tony Boy. He condoned her so much. If only he will do something like adidas jeremy scott wings to drop her like hot potato then Gretchen is like a huge garbage being thrown away at Tondo. Tony Boy too should think that people are looking up to him and his scandalous romance is not helping him any good. How can he achieve more if he himself doesn't love and respect himself? He is fooling himself and because of this I don't think he is really a good businessman. sample si bruce celine luggage mini willis at demi moore, bruce may movie na palabas at nong nangyari they split up although tagal na silang di nagsasama. you know controversies make them more popular than ever and thats the name of the game. we all know what gretch reputation she has magmula nong sumama siya kay tony boy-pera lang naman ang gusto niya. If grethc had a dignity b4 di niya dapat ginawa 2. maraming artista na kumakabit sa mga mayayaman coz of 1 thing MONEY!!!!! shame on you gretc!!!!!!!
so many filthy rich, powerful pipol sa pinas kabet ay left and jordan for sale right. di na bago 2 sa pinas. bastat may maganda na artista na walang direction ang buhay usually kabet ang outcome. ang hirap jeremy scott adidas sa artista pag nasilaw sa pera di na nila kung ano na gagawin nila. 22o ung sabi nla na money is root of all evil. look whats going on sa pinas NBN-ZTE its all about money,money, money and more money. Di Ba? Kaya its someone elses choise not ours how to become instant rich. SO GRETCH, you are d biggest hoe right now sa pinas.
Also, if you think using your loved ones, family, friends, and other people and situation to gain popularity is a good way to promote your CD, then you are darn mistaken. It sure backfired on you. People are not stupid.
With the little information Nadia Montenegro gave about you and your true self - only verified the many comments and views of people about your true self. You have a black heart and would use and do anything in order to get what you want.
No wonder the Cojuangco family will never like you and No wonder Tonyboy himself never proposed marriage to you. Who in his right mind would?
After all your expose and dalliances with John Estrada, Dodie Puno, Ricky Yabut and perhaps others we were not able to hear about?
Have you forgotten ideas and concepts like Respect, Decency ( then again, how will you be able to even understand these concepts while living in with Tony Boy and being a mistress),delicadeza, air max trainers principles, moral values, being true to oneself etc.
Why don't you do something more worthwhile - why don't you go back to school and finish a degree.
Why don't you do charity work - perhaps sell your bags or shoes, clothes so you will be able to assist one Filipino family in dire need of food?
And if you do charity work - can you do it quitely and humbly - so the Lord above will bless you.
I don't know who's Greta really is but rest assured na whats she's doing right now is because that was God gave to her and take it as a challenge. We are not God to question her and we don't right to do that, lets say na nayayabang kayo sa kanya because the way she act and jordan 11 dress but come to think na may maipagyayabang naman talaga siya. Innovation and imagination bubble up, as from a spring. Indeed, you can't action every idea on the one day, so jot down some of those that can't be on today's priority list. Preserving today's bright ideas for a duller day will pay off. You'll work best alone mulberry factory outlet today, to allow your mind freer reign.
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